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Commonly Asked Questions

Does the massage chair improve my health?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. Massage chair was first built in Japan to sooth common muscle tensions. Over the years, massage chairs have further evolved to become a home therapy for relaxation and stress relief. Collaborating technology, healthcare and wellness elements, our massage chairs are conceptualised and pre-qualified by Doctors of Chiropractic. A good massage chair should have the ability to detect different body types and automatically measure the length of a person’s spine and body contour. Only through a good advanced massage chair will a person feel good and relaxed, thus enabling a well healthy body.

Do you have any retail store?

For any business in Singapore, property expenses are a huge component of any price. High prices of products and services are attributed to the property rental. To bring about a quality product at affordable price, we decided not to set up any retail outlet. Our products are only sold through several online platforms and on our website. We want to eradicate all unnecessary expenses and provide the best affordable prices to our customers. Luckily for us, our partners share our vision and allowed us to place our products in their premises:

  • The Chiropractic Group of Clinics
  • Pacific Activity Centres

What we want to do?

We will never stop innovating and aim to find the best home-based wellness solution for optimal human health. We have built the CHIROR's forum which we would like to share idea with more users of our products, gathering more ideas from you and make it into reality.

Your contribution will benefit not us, but more people in this world.

Chiro believes that “Good life and Good health” are achievable, without paying more than you should.

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